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The following counties will not allow the sale or igniting of any type of fireworks. These counties are Bexar, Comal, and Guadalupe. Kendall County will allow you to purchase fireworks but you cannot use them until conditions permit! Please remember, fireworks can be shot 365 days a year when the conditions permit! Please check with your local counties on these conditions. If you are in a burn ban, you can still purchase and ignite fireworks, but they make limit the sell of sticks rockets and missiles with fins. Please email if you have any questions and be sure to join the Big Thunder Club for all of the latest events in the fireworks industry and get seasonal fireworks deal!


Stick rockets requirements in Texas

 The State laws now says the construction of this type of rocket is permissible in Texas as long as they meet one of three requirements:
1. A total length of 26" of the stick.
2. Propellant length of 6" or more.
3. Width of at least 3/4" on the ball.


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